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E3 Playstation Conference

E3 Playstation Conference

Watch the E3 conference from Sony Playstation right here. 
Starts at 6pm PDT, 9pm EDT, 2am BST, 3am CET.


After anouncing that 85 titles will launch on the PS Vita before ther end of the year, including Tearaway and The Walking Dead: 400 Days, and previewing the top titles still set to be released on the PS3 (Gran Turismo 6, Beyond and The Last of Us to name a few!), Sony showed off the PS4 for the first time.

Knack, Killzone and Driveclub are all confirmed to be launch titles, with Infamous: Second Son following soon after in early 2014

Final Fantasy XC and Kingdom Hearts III were both confirmed, as well as Elder Scrolls Online (with beta access being a timed PS4 exclusive!)

We also were treated to the gameplay debut of Destiny, as well as new demos for Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed IV.

Perhaps the biggest news of their presentation was that the PS4 will come with a RRP of just £349, as well as the news that used games won't have any restrictions on them, allowing you to trade in and borrow games to your friends to your hearts content!

The PS4 is set to launch in time for Xmas this year, so pre-order yours now to make sure you don't miss out!





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