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E3 Ubisoft Conference

E3 Ubisoft Conference

After Ubsioft surprised everyone with Watch_Dogs last year the question was would we see another surprise announcement during this year’s show?

Watch the full presentation below, or read on to learn more about what was on show.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition: With the subtitle ‘The fastest way to learn guitar’ it would seem Ubisoft have big plans for the follow up to Rocksmith. New modes inbound as Rocksmith an update Plug your guitar in and rock!

Splinter Cell Blacklist, Assassins Creed Black Flag, Rayman Legends: All three of those titles have received brand new trailers. One thing that unites the three is Ubisoft’s ambition to make those franchises more ambitious. Splinter Cell certainly has a cinematic approach while Rayman Legends is crammed full of modes (for both single player and multiplayer). The Assassin Creed franchise has come a long way from the first game and is a great example of learning from the previous title and moving the series forward. Black Flag continues to impress me with each passing trailer and snippet of new information.

South Park The Stick of Truth: Now published by Ubisoft its good to see the game made the transition unscathed, and is still set to launch on current generation consoles before Christmas (or as Cartman says during the short new trailer, “well, one Christmas, you know what videogames are like”).

The Crew: Moving onto the next generation titles comes a brand new game, called The Crew. The best way of describing this title would be to simply say ‘Fast and the Furious’. Featuring a system to create ‘crews’ the game comes from the studio famous for the Driver series. You can customize the cars in the game in hundreds of ways, with you being able to break down the different components of the vehicles in a similar fashion to the Gunsmith mode seen in the most recent Ghost Recon game, Warfighter. Expect lots of car chases, races and teamwork in this massive (and I do mean massive, the map was huge) driving game.

Watch_Dogs: Little in the way of brand new information, although there was a brand new CGI trailer. This game seriously looks amazing and I highly recommend checking out the multiple trailers. Featuring gameplay similar to Assassins Creed but with the added ability to ‘hack’ electronic devices, this could well be my Game of the Year.

Just Dance 2014: There is no stopping Just Dance. A family favourite for the past couple of years (and I’m not just talking about my household) if any game can get you up on your feet dancing around your living room its the Just Dance games. The newest Just Dance features 6 players being able to dance at one time, with more interactive group dances. You can also flick and change tracks on the fly almost like creating your own remix. Wii U gamers will be able to create playlists using the Gamepad to queue up tracks.

Rabbid’s Invasion: While not per say a videogame, Rabbid’s Invasion takes advantage of the Xbox One’s TV functionality. At heart it is a TV series featuring the crazy Rabbids, while at the same time being interactive. For example during one episode you can point at the screen (using Kinect) and fire eggs at the other Rabbids. Interactive TV shows aren’t really that new, but thanks to Kinect and the Xbox One I can see these kind of more advance interactive shows being a hit, especially with the younger audience.

Trials Fusion/Frontier: Two brand new Trials games are incoming, the first being for next generation consoles, Fusion and the second being for mobile devices, Frontier.

Tom Clancy’s The Division: What if the world broke down, a flu pandemic mixed with oil running dry, food shortages, loss of power... Ubisoft left the big surprise reveal until last once again with a new tile from the Tom Clancy stable of games. Open world, Multiplayer and with RPG elements makes this game one to watch. Gameplay revealed a large emphasis on teamwork, with one player using a tablet to control a small drone. It does look along the same lines of Watch_Dogs graphically and in some ways even the same way regarding game mechanics, albeit with more action and instead of the world brimming with technology around every corner with hundreds of people going about their normal lives instead you're greeted with a world that is struggling to survive. If Watch_Dogs is the one to watch for this year, then this could be the one for next year.


Fancy any of those titles? Most of those titles mentioned above are available to preorder instore and online right now. What are you waiting for?


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