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Xbox One at E3!

Xbox One at E3!

Not so long ago Microsoft unveiled the successor to the Xbox 360, the Xbox One.

While it’s initial reveal was focused on the hardware, TV functionality and other hardware/software additions today’s E3 conference was all about one thing: Games.

You can watch the full presentation below, or read on to find out more about the games on show and more info about the Xbox One.



Microsoft promised a raft of new and exclusive games that would be coming to Xbox One and they delivered. Here is a brief rundown on the games you can only play on Xbox One:

Ryse: Son of Rome - Originally this was a 360 title that utilized Kinect, but not anymore. Ryse is a third-person action title with intense cinematic gameplay abound, this game is certain to be aimed at the more mature gamers.

Killer Instinct - This one certainly had retro game fans excited! An exclusive fighting game with characters and combos developed and built upon from the original classic Killer Instinct titles. If you owned a SNES you probably at some stage had a copy of Killer Instinct, and it’s great to see the franchise returning.

Sunset Overdrive - Famous for creating games such as Ratchet and Clank and Resistance, Insomniac are developing a game for Microsoft, and it’s entitled Sunset Overdrive. From the CGI video shown during the conference it features fast, multiplayer gameplay with cartoon-styled graphics.

Forza Motorsport 5 - OK, so this was one of the few games we already knew about as it was featured during the Xbox One reveal, however Microsoft have now revealed more details about its flagship racer. The feature that caught my attention was something called ‘Driveatar’, which will change how offline and online opponents react and drive. Thanks to Cloud technology Forza 5 will track and break down your driving habits, almost creating an A.I. version of you. While away from your Xbox your Driveatar will be busy racing with other people over Xbox Live, rewarding you with credits the next time you boot up the game. Your game will download other peoples Driveatars so that we you play offline it’ll be just like your racing real people online. Forza 5 will be a launch title, and graphically it looks the business.

Project Spark - A videogame that allows you to create videogames is the basic premise here. Full Kinect functions allow you to create game worlds in seconds using your voice, while Smartglass (the Xbox mobile app that is already available) allows you to move/create the game world, your main character and other interactive objects/people. From the brief montage clip it looks likely that you’ll have a large selection of genres to mess around with, so you could create a 3D platformer, a top-down shooter or even perhaps a side-scrolling action title. Once you’ve completed a title you can of course share it over Xbox Live. A promising game, of which I hope caters for those who wish to create basic games and those who wish to go deeper and make something more complex.

Dead Rising 3 - Zombies are still proving to be very popular, so it was no surprise to see the undead make an appearance during the Xbox conference. Dead Rising 3 will feature a massive open-world with no loading times, masses of usable items, on-the-fly weapon customization and multiple vehicles. There was no denying, even from someone who hasn’t always been a fan of the Dead Rising games (I sadly, raise my hand) the new title looked very impressive. Did I mention you can use Smartglass to call in artillery strikes to annihilate masses of zombies in one swoop? 

Halo - Master Chief is coming to Xbox One. The teaser video was pretty short, but featured a robe-covered Master Chief traveling over a desert-inspired environment before being faced by a large mech-like creature. Expect it to involve some interactivity with the Halo TV series being created by Steven Spielberg which was revealed during the previous Xbox One conference. Oh, and it’ll play at 60 frames per second too.

Titanfall - Remember the saga involving the guys who co-created Call of Duty, who then left a few years ago to create a new studio? They’ve been very busy it seems, with Titanfall being the first game from that aforementioned new studio. Titanfall, from a gameplay perspective looks set to play along the same lines as the Call of Duty titles, with similar pacing, UI and so on. It does however, feature big walking mechs which you can call in during matches. The game looks very impressive and I have no doubt the multiplayer will be a blast. I’m confident it’ll bring enough new features and mechanics so that it doesn’t ‘feel’ like you are just playing Call of Duty with big robots.


So, what other exclusives were given centre stage? Gameplay from the already announced Quantum Break was shown while the studio also confirmed it would launch alongside a TV series which would adapt to how you play the game. A new studio, entitled Black Tusk, previewed a short teaser video which featured someone zip-wiring down a tall skyscraper before taking down an enemy. The makers of Panzer Dragoon are bringing a new game to the Xbox One called Crimson Dragon while Minecraft will get an Xbox One version, meaning bigger worlds and more gameplay options.


Aside from exclusives a number of multi-platform games were demo’ed, most notably Metal Gear Solid V and Battlefield 4! The single-player level of BF4 on display was very dynamic, as planes were sliding off the sinking aircraft carrier that you are fighting your way across, with the sea lashing over the deck causing all kinds of chaos. The first expansion to Battlefield 4 will be coming to Xbox One first before arriving on other platforms. The Witcher 3 is also going to be making an appearance on Xbox One, with exclusive Kinect capabilities such as giving commands to use magic.


The conference wasn’t all about games, as Microsoft announced that it has partnered with live-videogame streaming service Twitch so that at any time you can broadcast your game across the internet for others to sit and watch. The Upload Studio was also displayed, which will allow you to edit gameplay clips that are automatically recording while you game.


Xbox Live Gold memberships will carry over to the Xbox One, which is great news for those who are currently put off getting a new 12 month subscription for their Xbox 360s with a new console incoming. It is however goodbye to Microsoft Points, as the company have decided to change to standard currency, so you’ll be spending pounds and not points in the near future. Xbox Live Gold members will now receive 2 free games a month, starting next month with Halo 3 and Assassins Creed II!


Speaking of the future, when will we be able to get our hands on the Xbox One?

The console is set to launch around the world in November and will come with a RRP of £429. As already mentioned it’ll come with one controller and the new Kinect. You can already preorder an Xbox One from us online using the link below or instore.

So, there we have it. Some very exciting exclusive titles are inbound for the Xbox One! Stock may be limited so if you haven’t already get a console preordered and be safe in the knowledge that you have secured one for launch!

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