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EA at E3!

EA at E3!

EA Games are home to some of the biggest franchises, so it was without saying that their conference would have something for everyone.

So what did EA show off during the E3 presentation?  Watch the full conference here or read about some of the highlights below!

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Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare - Until now the Plants Vs Zombie games have been quirky puzzle titles. So what happens when the franchise goes into First-Person Shooter territory? With various different plants (erm, classes) to choose from ranging from the Sunflower (healer) to the Cactus (think Recon, sniper class) it certainly looks fun. Very characterful, filled to the brim with cute humour, it could well be a sleeper hit with the gaming public. Garden Warfare is set to be released for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Popcap, the creators of Plants Vs Zombies also confirmed that we’d see a Peggle 2 next year.

Star Wars Battlefront: It’s been a long time coming, as not one, but two studios have attempted over the past couple of years to create a new Battlefront game but have failed due to funds/publishers pulling the plug. Now that EA have grabbed the rights to the Star Wars franchise it made perfect sense to give Battlefield creators DICE the keys to the Battlefront IP. Only a brief teaser video was shown, but be excited, be very excited!

Need for Speed Rivals: Once again focusing on Cops Vs Racers, Rivals re-introduces linear street racing with the added mechanic of cops wanting to take you out mid-race that we saw with the last couple of Need for Speeds. This time however, you’ll be able to start a race in single-player, and if you like mid-race, move over to multiplayer seamlessly. As an added bonus a third person with a tablet/smartphone can call in Police assistance, such as helicopters, during the race. Need for Speed is also heading to cinemas, as Aaron Paul (as seen in the TV series Breaking Bad) took to the stage to announce that he was starring in a movie based on the racing IP. The film is currently in production.

Dragon Age Inquisition: The third Dragon Age title had little in the way of information during the presentation, aside from the usual what you do affects the game world mechanic but did get a shiny new trailer. It certainly looks the part, and should be available to purchase by Christmas this year.

EA Sports: FIFA, Madden, NBA and UFC were all featured as the 4 major brands are getting new games for the next generation consoles. All of which are being created in EA Sport’ new game engine, entitled Ignite. Better, more realistic stadiums and crowds, tighter controls, more precise movement and more realistic players/A.I. are all possible thanks to Ignite.

Mirrors Edge 2: The big surprise of the presentation hit the stage last, as DICE announced a sequel to the popular Mirrors Edge. Lead character Faith returns as the free-running FPS heads for Xbox One and PS4.

As well as those above releases we also got more peaks at Titanfall which was announced during the Microsoft conference (from the original creators of Call of Duty). DICE also had 64 players on the stage demo’ing Battlefield 4 while introducing Commander mode. This new mode allows one player, the commander, to call in additional supplies and to have access to a full tactical map to aide his team.

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