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Staff Recommendations!

With so many top titles released recently, we decided to ask our some of the staff from our stores which games they've been enjoying in the last few weeks!

A lot of them have been getting to grips with The Last of Us on PS3, and it's easy to see why it received such rave reviews.


Mark from our Billingham store said "10/10! It's a really good action survival horror game mixed with an epic storyline" and that he "couldn't put the controller down". He also enjoyed the "different take to online, which makes you think more than just running and shooting"

Robert from Blyth described The Last of Us as "quite possibly a defining game of this console generation and an instant classic". He loved the "intense atmosphere, fantastic character development, jaw dropping visuals, a brilliant soundtrack and top notch voice acting!". He also said "this must have title...is amazing enough to buy a PS3 just to experience it!"

Michael from our branch in Sutton also enjoyed The Last of Us, saying it is 'A real contender for game of the year/decade/millenium. By far the finest single player story driven adventure game in many years. Worth buying a PS3 for!"


A couple members of staff from North Shields got their Nintendo 3DS out to enjoy the lastest Animal Crossing game, Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Jessica said "This game is fantastic! Incedibly addictive and great to play with your friends or on your own! It's so much fun, I can't put it down!!!"

Michelle also recommended New Leaf, saying "I love this game and my daughter does too! A game for all ages. I really like how friends can play together!!"


If you'd like the sound of The Last of Us or Animal Crossing: New Leaf, why not pop down your local Grainger Games today, or you can buy them online using the link below! Let us know what games you've been playing recently in the comments below!

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