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Staff Recommendations!

This week we asked some of our store staff to tell us 'What has been your favourite game of 2013 so far, and why?'. This is what they had to say:

Charly from Sale's pick of this year has been Remember Me. He described it as a 'A fantastic game that has definitely been under-hyped. It has a great storyline and great gameplay to compliment it. Story mode isn't over long but is enough to make you want more. Would be my number one game for 2013 for sure!'


At our Chesterfield store, Jak recommended Tomb Raider. He said: "This game series has always been close to my heart and right from the start of this game I was blown away by how much had changed! It's got a gripping story, some truly intense cut-scenes and the combat system is phenomenal.

The fluidity of this game is what makes it so fun to play as well as some of the life-like motions you go through mid-game. For all gamers who loved the original series, and for newcomers to the series as well, Tomb Raider is a Triple-A game with so many great features"



Gareth (seen left) from Altrincham's favourite game of 2013 so far has been BioShock: Infinite, "A beautifully crafted, intensely gripping shooter, with a story that will blow your mind".

When we asked our staff at Ashton, Joe and Guy both really enjoyed The Last of Us, with Joe stating "The story is incredibly gripping, the characters are relatable and I loved how realistic the gameplay is, in terms of Joel's carrying capacity and how he stores/switches between his equipment. and the little touches to the character interations makes this game  all the more enjoyable. One of this years best games in my opinion and a fantastic new IP."

Guy added: "Fantastic story, one of best I've played this year, stunning graphics, solid game play, character's are relatable and lovable. You will end caring for Joel and Ellie if they were your own family. This is easily one of the best games on this generation of console, it is definite must play."

 Ste from Stretford recommended the downloadable FarCry 3: Blood Dragon, calling it "An ultimate throwback to the 80's when action stars were hard, and destoryed everything in their path, including LASER FIRING DRAGONS!!!  An excellent addition to the Far Cry series, despite not really having anything to do with the story of 3".


Finally, Robert from Blyth picked Devil Survivor Overclocked, on the Nintendo 3DS. He said "Devil Survivor combines elements of both Strategy and JRPGs and adds a twist of it's own uniqueness, creativity, and originality. It has great characters, an interesting storyline, and an amazing soundtrack that is extremely catchy as well. The gameplay and battle system really make this game shine, buying demons from the auction house, skill cracking and fusing them to get the best team has a very "gotta catch em all" addictiveness to it. It also has good replay value, with multiple endings each with unique and interesting conclusions and with new game+ too Devil Survivor will keep you busy for hours and hours."


If you'd like to try any of the games reommended by our staff, just click the buy now link below. What's been your favourite game of 2013? Let us know below!

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