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Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus!

We're pleased to announce that we've got some great exclusive pre-order bonuses to offer our customers, online and in-store,  for the upcoming Ubisoft titles Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Assassins Creed IV and Watch_Dogs!

These are:

A Splinter Cell Blacklist Ice Cube Tray - Create your own frozen bullets!

An Assassins Creed IV Pin Badge Set.

A pair of Watch_Dogs Touchscreen gloves, allowing you to use your phone in the cold!


Check them out below!


Splinter Cell Blacklist is set for release on the 23rd of August, followed by Assassins Creed IV on the 1st of November, then Watch_Dogs is out in time for Christmas on the 22nd November! Pre-order using the link below or at your local Grainger Games to get your hands on these great bonuses on release day!

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