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Best FIFA 14 Goals!

Best FIFA 14 Goals!

The Most incredible Fifa 14 Goals (So Far!)

Fifa 14’s only been out for just shy of a week, but it’s already our football game of choice.

It’s also won rave reviews with a number of critics whilst it also managed to knock Grand Theft Auto V from the top of the UK software charts.

Justifiably so, as far as we’re concerned (lunchtime sessions have become violent office deathmatches). But licences, phenomenal ball physics, life-like players and over-the-top celebrations aren’t the only ingredients that make Fifa 14 so special.

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What makes Fifa such a successful series is its competitive online community and the breathtaking football played by fans who regularly practise and see it as more than a beautiful game.

That couldn’t have been more evident to us as we welcomed gamers in their droves to stores across the UK for a special midnight launch last Friday.

We like to think we’re good at Fifa. A weekend search on YouTube told us that we know nothing. Here are Grainger Games’ favourite Fifa 14 goals so far:

Couthinho’s Cracker

ThePremiumRat has poached Liverpool’s midfield maestro Philippe Coutinho and slotted the talented Brazilian into his Paris Saint-Germain project.

The outlay was certainly worth it as the number 13 picks up the ball by the halfway line and cracks a shot into the bottom right-hand corner of the goal from just shy of 45 yards before telling the crowd to hush.

It’s a screamer, no doubt, but could the keeper have done better? Or is the poor weather to blame?

A Mandzukic Masterclass

Your first online goal of a new Fifa – it’s always great to get that monkey off your back. It’s the icing on the cake when it’s an audacious, world-class bicycle kick!

MetiHD shows all his skill to maneuverer Bayern’s Croatian marksman into pulling the strike off against tough opponents in Manchester United; the ball sailing over David De Gea after Mandzukic dances away from a sluggish Ferdinand.

A sign of things to come in this season’s Champions League?

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City Slickers

How Manchester City fans must be hoping Pelligrini can get the team playing like WelshDragonDsG’s pretenders following their jittery start to the season.

It’s a magnificent move stemming from a throw in deep in City’s own half. Six incisive passes down Milan’s left flank later on and the ball finds its way onto Aguero’s bonce, coming to a rest in the back of the net.

It’s free-flowing Fifa footy at its finest. The most impressive bit? Scorer Aguero is key in starting the move before ghosting into the box to finish it off.

Zlatan Fifbrahimovic

Thought Coutinho’s punt was good? Straight from kick-off yaspeaks’ Paris Saint-Germain team witness something special from their Swedish ponytailed talisman Zlatan Ibrahimovich.

The striker immediately rainbow flicks the ball over his head before unleashing an unstoppable looping volley over the despairing NY Red Bulls’ keeper. It’s an outrageous piece of skill worthy of winning any match.

Shame it’s only a friendly…

Montolivo’s Milan Magic

We love a cheeky chip. So does Dwayne Cagger, by the looks of it, as he dinks a sublime ball toward an onrushing Milan midfielder Riccardo Montolivo who scissor kicks the ball past a hapless Victor Valdes.

It’s not often Barcelona concede such a piledriver, and credit must go to Dwayne for showing some excellent technical expertise with the amount of space and time afforded to him. A fine flying finish from the Italian!

Reckon you can do better? Let us know in the comments and share your spectacular shots with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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