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Wind Waker HD

Wind Waker HD

Four Reasons Why Wind Waker HD Will Reinvigorate The Wii U

The future of the Wii U looks very healthy indeed. The Wind Waker is released today for the console with some amazing new features and options added to what is rightly considered a classic entry in the Legend of Zelda timeline.

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We’ve given Wind Waker HD a whirl and we love it. The Wind Waker is a classic example of a game that, despite polarising opinion, was (almost) universally loved.

Wind Waker HD has received rave reviews. Not only does it get the Grainger Games thumbs-up, we also think it perfectly showcases what the Wii U can do and will be a boost for the console.

Here are four reasons why:

A Stunning Graphical Overhaul

The Wind Waker always looked incredible thanks to its outrageous cel-shaded graphics, but the move to 1080p, 60fps, and a new HD overhaul make one of Nintendo’s most artistic properties truly spellbinding.

Fast, fluid, colourful, and entertaining – it’s what every game strives to be. Most importantly not only do Wind Waker’s gorgeous visuals complement the Zelda universe, it shows the graphical grunt hiding inside the Wii U and what the system’s truly capable of producing.

Clever Use Of The Gamepad

Initially released on GameCube Wind Waker kept the original mechanics present in virtually every Zelda game before it (large menus, assigning items to buttons, and more). The Wii U version, however, moves a lot of this over to the gamepad’s screen.

It makes for a more seamless adventure with dungeon maps and items selectable from the gamepad, reducing in-game disruption and encouraging faster decision-making when cornered by a blood-thirsty Bokoblin.

Nintendo Is Listening…

Some often accuse Nintendo of being stubborn. Wind Waker HD derails that train of thought quite superbly. A lot of ports or HD updates often don’t add much to the original; Wind Waker HD not only expands on its source material, it perfects it.

Sailing the seas – a gripe with a number of players – has been addressed with a sail that improves speed and spicing up a certain fetch quest. Other tweaks to the game, including a tough Hero Mode, improve on one of the finest adventures around and shows that Nintendo is always listening to its audience.

A Link To The Future?

Wind Waker HD’s finery simply has to be experienced – Wii U owners will be delighted that the console finally has such a magnificent must-have title that can throw its weight around.

It also serves as a reminder that another Zelda adventure is set to hit Wii U in 2014 and will likely be better looking than Wind Waker HD (if that’s even possible).

Nintendo truly has underlined Wii U’s promise and potential for the future with Wind Waker’s majestic update.

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