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Pokemon X & Y Preview

Pokemon X & Y Preview

Five Reasons Pokemon X/Y Will Be The Best Yet

There’s a new generation of Pokemon on the horizon. Released on Saturday 12 October, Pokemon X and Y celebrates an extraordinary fifteen years of the world’s favourite handheld RPG.

Pokemon X and Y will be the sixth generation of Game Freak’s internationally-acclaimed series with the 3DS itineration set to be the best version yet.

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Game Freak has made a number of subtle changes to its winning formula complemented by a stunning graphical revolution that refreshes the formula and makes Pokemon more addictive than ever.

Here are five reasons why X and Y is set to be the most complete Pokemon experience yet:

An Enormous Poke-roster

A new generation means hundreds of new Pokemon for you to train, capture, and mould into an unbeatable team. But Pokemon X and Y pack in a few surprises, including the choice of starter Pokemon from Red and Blue later in the game (Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur) while Mewtwo and others also make appearances. A new Fairy class is also introduced, with moves that are super effective against Dragon types.

Gorgeous Graphics

Farewell 2D sprites. Pokemon X and Y finally makes the leap into the third dimension with incredible 3D models and settings that give breathe new life into Pokemon’s already vibrant universe. The Parisian-style setting of the Kalos Region is also inspired, giving the series a real touch of class, elegance, and rustic charm as you explore your new world.

In-depth Customisation

New to Pokemon is the ability to make your own avatar giving players the chance to create their own hero to adventure with. Players can now pick different aspects to distinguish their trainer from others including gender, skin tone, clothing, and a number of other accessories to make the game more personable than ever. Perfect for…

Phenomenal Online Play

Part of Pokemon X and Y’s real strength lies in its fantastic new online features. The Player Search System has been upgraded for the better allowing trainers to battle and trade at any time, leave gifts for friends’ Pokemon, and more. Players can even go as far as sharing videos with each other. Pokemon X and Y’s seamless ability to challenge anyone at any time is nothing short of a technical masterstroke.

Magnificent Mega Evolutions

Get a real sense of satisfaction when your Pokemon evolve? Then you’ll love X and Y’s mega evolutions – a temporary Pokemon evolution set off by stones that triggers an extreme physical boost during battles. Mega evolutions can be a game-changer and can only be used on certain Pokemon once per battle. Mega evolutions are visually stunning and the perfect move to pull out the bag when struggling against a tough opponent.

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