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Destiny Preview

Destiny Preview

Five Reasons To Put Destiny Top Of Your Next-Gen List

Destiny is already being cited as one of the most promising next-generation titles when it’s released in Spring 2014.

The main reason is because the action FPS has an incredible development pedigree. Destiny is being produced by Halo creators Bungie, features music from Paul McCartney (Destiny and Ivory?), and has an ‘alive’ open-world setting.

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Destiny incorporates a number of creative ideas that will bring the FPS genre into the next-generation, and we can’t wait to take in the game’s stunning futuristic post-apocalyptic setting first-hand.

Here are five reasons Destiny should be one of the first next-gen games you should buy:

A rich story with fascinating characters

Destiny focuses on the last defenders of humanity – the Guardians – who are tasked with protecting the last city on Earth.

Following the downfall of mankind’s Golden Age, where several colonies across the universe populated by humans have collapsed, your role as a Guardian is to use your extraordinary powers (given to you by a strange entity called The Traveler) to battle terrifying alien threats and stop humanity’s impending extinction.

Pre-orders get early beta access

Bungie has already confirmed that it has started to send out beta codes to gamers that have pre-ordered Destiny, meaning that players will be now be able to register for the exclusive playtest on the console of their choice from early 2014.

An unpredictable living universe

Amazingly Bungie has stated that gamers will be subjected to uncontrolled in-game events which the developer hasn’t created or planned.

That’s because Bungie has ambitiously created an “alive” universe which will give players an unprecedented level of variety. This will be aided by the game’s always online features which will match gamers with other players as they play, and not contain people to certain servers. Bungie insist though that Destiny is far from an MMO experience and is more an expansive space adventure.

Horrifying alien races and foes

A calamitous, unpredictable universe needs to be populated with frightening creatures intent on wiping out the last remnants of the human race. Luckily Bungie has years of experience in the field, with Destiny’s Hive just one race determined to squash humanity like, well… bugs.

The Hive have been building up their strength on our very own Moon, making them a very close and clear threat that the Guardians have to take on as soon as possible. This means magnificent moon-based battles and set pieces through dark desolate craters and caverns, with more than a few shocks and surprises waiting around the corner.

Powerful, customisable Guardians

Destiny gives players the chance to choose one of three Guardian classes: Human, Awoken, and Exo. Humans are akin to tough action heroes; Awoken are similar to mythical beings (think vampires and elves) while Exo are incredibly powerful undead Terminator-type figures.

Each race offers a different, unique way to play Destiny which is complemented by three available classes: Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans. Hopefully Guardians will become as iconic to the next-generation as Master Chief was to Halo and Bungie. Until then we’ve got a beta to look forward to!

Destiny will be available of Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and Xbox One next Spring. Let us know your thoughts on Destiny via our Facebook and Twitter feeds!

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