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Next Gen Preview

Xbox One or PS4? Which next-gen console is right for me?

The next generation is on its way! You have just over a month left to save your money to purchase the most powerful consoles ever produced.

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But which console is right for you and your budget? Maybe you’re a hardcore Sony or Microsoft fan and have already made your choice, but there’s always time to be swayed.

We think it’s worth balancing out the facts of each console before you make your purchase. Below you’ll find all the information that’s been revealed so far for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to help you make an informed purchase.

(Or you could always just buy both and be the happiest person on the planet ever!)

The PlayStation 4

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The PlayStation 4 is cheaper than the Xbox One at retail and is available from £349.

Release date

The PlayStation 4 comes out a week later than the Xbox One, though, hitting the shelves on Friday 29 November 2013.

What’s in the box?

When you buy a PlayStation 4 you’ll be greeted with:

  • A brand-spanking new PlayStation 4 with a 500GB hard drive
  • A wireless DualShock 4 controller (extra controllers are available from £54)
  • A headset that allows you to chat online
  • An AC power cable
  • An HDMI cable
  • A USB cable to charge your DualShock 4

Note: The PlayStation Eye camera is not included in the box and is sold separately from £44.

The techy bit

As well as a huge hard drive the PlayStation 4 also features:

  • A six-speed Blu-ray player
  • 8GB of GDDR5 memory
  • An eight-core x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU
  • A 1.8 TFLOPS Radeon GPU
  • Two USB 3.0 ports

In short that equals fantastic graphics, impressive frame rates, and slick crystal-clear movies.

Exclusive games

It all counts for nothing though if the games aren’t any good. Luckily the PlayStation 4 has a stellar line-up of exclusive games to buy for the system:

#DriveClub will satisfy petrolheads’ cravings with developers Evolution Studios promising a truly social racing experience.

Guerrilla Games is currently polishing up Killzone: Shadow Fall. The first-person shooter is set 30 years after Killzone 3 and will be a launch title.

Open world action fans will love controlling Delsin Rowe in inFamous: Second Son – set seven years after inFamous 2’s good ending, Delsin uncovers his conduit powers in a vibrant Washington setting.

Capcom’s dungeon-crawler Deep Down has a whiff of Dark Souls about it – which is a good thing! Each dungeon is procedurally-generated so you’ll never explore the same one twice, and despite its medieval look, it’s actually set in New York, 2094!


The PlayStation 4 will be able to pair with the PlayStation Vita for remote play with PS4 games and other connectivity features.

A number of apps – including Netflix – will be available to PlayStation 4 owners. Additional apps and other content will require a PlayStation Plus subscription.

The Xbox One

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Though Xbox One is more expensive at retail than PlayStation 4 at £429 the system also comes with a fantastic 1080p Kinect HD sensor.

Release date

The Xbox One is released a week earlier than the PlayStation 4 on Friday 22 November 2013.

What’s in the box?

When you buy your Xbox One you’ll get:

  • A brand new Xbox One with a 500GB hard drive
  • A wireless Xbox One controller (additional Xbox One controllers will cost £44.99)
  • A power cord complete with power brick
  • A headset for online communications
  • A 4k-rated HDMI cable

The techy bit

Under the Xbox One’s hood is:

  • A Blu-ray player
  • An x64 8-core AMD Jaguar CPU
  • Three USB 3.0 ports
  • A 500GB hard drive
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM
  • A HDMI-in port

In short the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have similar technical specs.

Exclusive games

Microsoft has also lined up a phenomenal range of exclusives especially for the Xbox One, and has recently announced the return of an old friend:

Halo 5 has been confirmed and will please the series’ hardcore fans. Details are thin at the moment but expect engrossing multiplayer complementing an engrossing single-player campaign.

Dead Rising 3’s open-world setting is larger than the first and second game’s combined. No time limit and an expanded weapon-crafting system all feature and utilises Kinect.

Ryse: Son of Rome has an unmistakeable God of War feel to it and is available at launch. Crytek’s action-adventure is set in an alternate Roman timeline and lets players command infantry, fight epic battles, and more.

Legendary arcade beat-em-up Killer Instinct is combo breaking its way onto Xbox One. It already looks incredibly fast and sees the return of series’ favourites Black Orchid, Jago, Glacius, Sabrewulf, and Chief Thunder.

The Sunset Overdrive trailer at E3 blew everyone away with its colourful graphics, open-world setting, and acrobatic movement. Set in the near future players have to battle mutants ravaging their city by any means necessary.


You can rest easy – Xbox One doesn’t need to be connected to the internet all the time and won’t eavesdrop on your conversations.

Xbox One features a reputation system built into Xbox Live which Microsoft says will filter out abusive trolls.

An overhauled Xbox Live system gives gamers access to their games from anywhere at any time thanks to its incredible 300,000 servers.

Xbox One also connects to SmartGlass which allows players to start single-player games, view achievements, leaderboards and more via a tablet.

Got any more questions about the next generation of consoles? Contact Grainger Games through our website, via our Facebook page or our Twitter feed to find out more about the future of gaming!


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