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Nintendo 2DS Info

Nintendo 2DS Info

All About The Nintendo 2DS

There’s a new handheld on the block! The Nintendo 2DS was released on Saturday, is cheaper than the 3DS/3DS XL, and is compatible with 3DS games.

The differences? Gamers won’t be able to utilise games’ fully-3D capabilities, and the console doesn’t snap shut.

Other than that the 2DS is an incredibly snazzy piece of kit, and the perfect handheld for people that haven’t invested in a 3DS and want to play stellar Nintendo titles such as Pokemon X/Y, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, and more.

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The 2Ds is available in black and blue, and red and white. It’s also compatible with original DS games, giving buyers an instant library of over 2,000 portable games to choose from.

So, what new features does the eighth-generation handheld bring to the market?

A new ‘slate’ appearance

Without hinges the 2DS goes against DS convention. The new console is more akin to the older-style Game Boys than its modern counterparts.

Despite its odd shape 2DS is a comfortable handheld which fits snugly in the hands. Using the stylus is as easy as ever while gyroscopic functionality in games such as Ocarina of Time and Pokemon X/Y is a joy.

The 2DS also offers a slightly healthier battery life when compared against the 3DS and XL. Gamers can play 3DS games on a 2DS for between five and nine hours – up from between three and five-and-a-half on a 3DS.

A huge haul of handheld classics

The lack of a 3D slider also gives the games room to breathe and fulfil their potential. Without the stereoscopic 3D display feature gamers can concentrate on what makes the 3DS library so enjoyable to own.

Star Fox 64 3D, for instance, looks incredible with or without the 3D effect, as do a number of titles in the large 3DS roster.

More than 2,000 DS classics are also available and play extremely well on the 2DS. Games are crisp and clear on the 2DS’ screens – bottom and upper screens are the same dimensions as the ones on the 3DS.

Handheld fun at incredible value

The 2DS’ low price opens up an amazing collection of games to people that haven’t yet invested in the current generation of handheld consoles.

Wireless connectivity also allows for multiplayer and co-op play with friends. Owners can download additional titles from the Nintendo eShop, and adults can set parental controls.

The 2Ds box itself contains a brand new Nintendo 2Ds, a 2DS stylus, an SDHC card, an AC adaptor, and AR (Augmented Reality) Cards. StreetPass and SpotPass are also available.

The 2DS also includes the 3DS’ inner and outer cameras, and though the 2DS can’t display stereoscopic 3D, the console can still take 3D pictures – fully viewable on a 3DS console if transferred.

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