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Sonic Lost World

Sonic Lost World

Meet Sonic Lost World’s Deadly Six

Sonic’s back to form with Sega’s latest release! Sonic Lost World is released today on Wii U and 3DS and harks back to the blue bomber’s glory days on the Genesis.

Sonic Lost World sees an unlikely union between Sonic and Dr. Eggman (Robotnik for us). Eggman teams up with a group of evil creatures – the Zeti race – that call themselves the Deadly Six, who are native to the new world of Lost Hex.

When Sonic destroys Eggman’s remote control device keeping the sextet under his command, however, they rebel and take over his evil army forcing Sonic and his long-time nemesis into an improbable partnership.

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Features in Sonic Lost World include new moves such as colour powers that let Sonic fly through the air and tear up the fantastic-looking scenery of Lost Hex.

But it’s the varied and imaginative boss battles that have really caught the eye. Each member of the Deadly Six has their own personality and creative attacks which Sonic must stop to save his captured animal companions.

Each Zeti has at least one stripy horn on its head and black legs and hips. Interestingly their colours match those of the Chaos Emeralds – a possible plot point?


Zeti leader Zavok is a bright fiery red ball of fury. Cruel and cunning in equal measure Zavok has an impressive range of fighting abilities after being trained by the wily old Master Zik, and is hell-bent on world domination.

Master Zik

Master Zik is the original founder of the Deadly Six and is the wisest, oldest member of the group. Despite his age Zik’s still a fighting genius with incredible strength and agility. He’s also Zavok’s trainer, but is he also his puppet master?


Skinny Zazz has an even shorter temper than Zavok and is a very hot-headed sort. Zazz loves to fight and has impressive speed complemented by a crazy unpredictable nature.


Zeena’s the girl of the group and is said to be as cold-hearted as Zavok. Her hard, selfish nature means that when she’s given a task nothing will stop her until it’s completed.


Though not the smartest Zeti by any means Zomom makes up for his lack of brains with immeasurable brawn. Gluttonous Zomom is the largest member of the Zeti and can use his terrifying strength to crush anything in his path.


Slender Zor is a spy for the Zeti and carries a mysterious blue rose with him at all times. Zor sticks to the shadows and never finds fun in anything thanks to his pessimistic outlook on life. His moody nature allows him to harness only the darkest powers that the other Zeti wouldn’t even contemplate using.

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