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Skylanders Swap Force

Skylanders Swap Force

Our Favourite Things About Skylanders Swap Force


The Skylanders series has taken everybody by surprise since Activision’s first release – Spyro’s Adventure – back in 2011.

Now it’s time to boot up those Portals of Power once again as Skylanders’ platforming goodness returns for the third time with Swap Force.

Fans will be delighted to hear that Swap Force is a great addition to the series and builds on the fun found in the previous two titles.

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There’s no doubt that Skylanders is aimed for the younger market, but that doesn’t stop it from being a charming and colourful adventure that will appeal to gamers of all ages.

Swap shop

The newest feature to Skylanders is Swap Force’s character swap. Figures have magnetic middles which allow their tops and bases to be switched, birthing new characters in-game and giving them new abilities.

Though there are only sixteen new swap figures to collect that means you can create an incredible 256 new characters to level up.

The swap feature is also essential to opening new portals in levels leading to bonus areas and expanding the Skylanders world. The swap feature brings huge amounts of variety to Swap Force meaning gamers will always have something new to do.

Clever combat

The swap feature also leads to some interesting combat improvements including the variety of abilities and attacks on offer.

Combat has been upgraded from previous Skylanders titles – the most welcome feature is that players finally have the ability to jump.

Different elemental types add depth while the ability to create, say, a water and a fire character with the swap function gives the option for players to create truly unique custom characters.

Backwards compatibility

Skylanders Swap Force is also backwards compatible with figures from previous games, so if you’ve spent the best part of a year buffing the stats of one of your figurines that information will carry over to Swap Force.

There are also some areas that can only be accessed by Giants characters, letting players get a bit more fuel from their old collection of Skylanders figures.

Have a friend that owns the game on a different console? Your figures will work on their Portal of Power, meaning you can take them over to their house and carry on playing.

Polished presentation

As Skylanders’ figures have evolved so has the game’s presentation. Swap Force has a sharp, clean, cartoon style that’s complemented by a funny script that appeals to all ages.

Worlds are deep, vibrant, and packed with colour and personality. Swap Force is easily the best looking Skylanders game and represents the series’ overall evolution from daring new project to one of the best-selling new franchises to appear over the last few years..

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