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Why The Vita’s Time Is Now

The PS Vita already has a solid number of great handheld titles, but it’s about to take centre stage with the release of the PlayStation 4.

The loveable handheld is set to be given a PlayStation 4 Link app with its latest firmware update due around the time of the console’s launch.

The Link app will let the Vita pair up with the PlayStation 4 giving gamers extra content and adding another dimension of control to next-gen titles.

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So what can gamers expect if they splash out on both consoles?

PS4 Connectivity

The Link app’s most prominent feature is the ability to pair a PS Vita to a PlayStation 4 to enhance the gameplay experience on certain titles.

The Playroom, which comes installed on PlayStation 4, will be one of the first games players can use in conjunction with their Vitas to get specific second-screen gameplay features according to Shuhei Yoshida on the PlayStation Blog.

The potential for developers to incorporate the Vita into PlayStation 4 titles is phenomenal, with Yoshida underlining how it can really benefit smaller indie developers.

The practical example? Yoshida drew a picture of Knack on his Link app and sent it into The Playroom, letting the game’s existing characters play with his creation.

Talk with friends

The PS4 Link will also be available on Android and iOS devices. Gamers can connect their PlayStation profile to the app and send messages to their friends. Voice messages can also be sent, and players can compare trophies with each other.

Users can also purchase PlayStation 4 games with the app, with titles downloading while you’re out and about. Interestingly players will also be able to view friends’ recorded or streaming activity as they play on their PS4.

And, of course, the games!

The PS Vita library is impressive and contains a huge number of fun titles that incorporate the console’s touchscreens to great effect.

Nathan Drake’s portable adventure in Uncharted: Golden Abyss is a mobile masterpiece, while a number of critics have lauded the Vita port of Rayman Legends as the definitive console version.

Spelunky is an ace platformer while players looking for something gritty and unsettling can immerse themselves into the celebrated world of Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead – the pinnacle of mobile survival horror storytelling.

A number of new games to push the hardware are also on the horizon. LittleBigPlanet creator Media Molecule’s latest title Tearaway is an incredibly creative title that’s set to be an instant classic and a must-have for the console.

Combine these games and more with the Link app and we’re certain that the Vita’s time is just beginning.

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