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CoD: Ghosts Preview

CoD: Ghosts Preview

Call of Duty: Ghosts. And Dogs. And Aliens.

You read right – aliens. Call of Duty: Ghosts is going to have a mode similar to Black Ops’ Zombies mode with players having to work together to stop acid-spewing invaders from taking over the world.

Called Extinction it’s a four-player co-op mode which features class levelling, base defence modes, scavenging, and more.

Released on Tuesday 5 November Ghosts has a number of striking changes for the long-running first-person favourite which will also be available for next-gen consoles as a launch title.

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But what else can gamers expect from the latest instalment?

Some real ruff stuff

If you haven’t seen Riley on a meme then you might have seen him on Eminem’s latest music vid. The Call of Duty dog has already gained worldwide acclaim and is set to bring a new attacking dimension to the series.

Players will be able to use the German Shepard (and the mounted camera on his back) to sneak through levels and identify enemy targets. Riley will be able to rip enemies to shreds with his gnashers, mark soldiers and other targets, and more.

Lay waste to space

Ghosts is set in the future. North America is no longer a superpower following attacks from a South American alliance called The Federation.

Probably the most intriguing part of the story though is a ferocious space battle breaking out between astronauts aboard a space station falling apart at the seams.

The space station ODIN is under attack near the start of Ghosts with players having to battle the lack of gravity as well as terrorists.

The level shows off the Xbox One and PlayStation 4’s skills nicely, but isn’t there for show. The ODIN attack is the prelude to what happens in Ghosts with hackers using the space station to fire kinetic tungsten rods at the United States.

Years later, it’s up to the crack team of Ghosts unit (plus dog) to save the States.

Multiplayer tweaks

Call of Duty has offered some of the most magnificent multiplayer experiences over the years, but Ghosts will have to be on top of its game to compete against the intense large-scale battles found in Battlefield 4.

Though Headquarters has been cut for Ghosts a host of new game modes and additions are present, including a new Marksman class which is a cross between Sniper and Assault classes.

Multiplayer modes include Blitz where players have to reach the portal on the enemy’s spawn point, Cranked where players need to kill before the timer ends (with each kill restarting the timer), and classics including Domination and Team Deathmatch.

Fifteen impressive maps are also ready for gamers to explore alongside weapons old and new.

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