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A Look at WWE 2K14

An In-depth Look At WWE 2K14

Even if you only have a passing interest in wrestling you’re going to love WWE 2K14.

2K Sports picked up the WWE licence after THQ sadly went bust, and though the game’s still in the hands of developers Yukes and Visual Concepts, the first 2K entry offers changes for the better providing new features including the stunning 30 Years of WrestleMania mode.

30 Years of WrestleMania opens up an entire wrestling universe to fans and newcomers alike, letting you fight in classic WrestleMania matches with some of the most recognisable faces to ever grace the ring.

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Read that as taking on The Ultimate Warrior as Hulk Hogan, preening around the ring as Ric Flair, or smelling what The Rock is cooking.

The introduction of 30 Years of WrestleMania isn’t a gimmick. It’s more a loving homage to wrestling, its fans and gamers thanks to the detail and historical accuracy of the fights.

Something we really love? The small touches – if you perform a move in a historical context as it really happened (think Hulk and Ultimate Warriors dual-clothesline), small cutscenes will play which, thankfully, enhance fights rather than disrupt.

Matches stick to the series’ tried-and-tested formula with a huge, diverse roster of wrestlers for you to grapple with (just under 100 by our count).

But despite all the references and harks back to wrestling’s golden age there’s still enough in WWE 2K14 to please devoted fans of the series.

Wrestling has never looked so good with Universe mode especially benefitting from graphical updates to give matches a more authentic feel than ever before. The game’s presentation has been tweaked to perfection whether it’s your favourite wrestler’s entrance, the level of detail in their tattoos, or new camera angles giving you close-ups of the action.

Like WWE itself there are some fantastic stories and great entertainment to be found in 2K14. 2K14 also gives you the tools to create your own dramas via Universe mode which is a season campaign were you control potentially years of programming.

Fights themselves feel a lot more fluid thanks to refinements to reversals and wake-up taunts, aerial attacks, and more. Despite the changes there’s still nothing more satisfying than slamming someone into a table and giving it large to a cheering (or booing) crowd.

The amount of content in WWE 2K14 is truly staggering and will be more than enough to occupy wrestling aficionados’ time until a true next-gen wrestling game makes its glamorous entrance.

Our final thought. Is there a better character creator than WWE 2K14’s? Skyrim’s possibly, but we’ve had hours of fun building and wrestling with Nacho Nan Mandy Ravage.

WWE 2K14 is the ultimate love letter to wrestling fans. Get it today with Grainger Games for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and get free delivery!

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