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Xbox One Kinect

Xbox One Kinect

Xbox One Kinect Games To Look Forward To

With just over a week to the launch of the Xbox One, more details are starting to come out about this fantastic new console. 

Engadget have been reporting the following information about the next-gen console.

After a 17-second boot up a 500MB download is required to reverse the console’s DRM functionality (which is bound to leave more gamers happy than not).

The system’s Kinect features are receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback. One user apparently managed to let his friend on Skype control the Kinect’s microphone, such is its impressive capabilities.

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Although the original Kinect on the Xbox 360 was a great idea, a lot of games didn't really use this to its full extent due to this being an optional accessory released after the original console. However with the technology improved, and included with every Xbox one, it is expected to become an essential part of the Xbox One’s structure, meaning you can expect some great fun with the sensor as part of your next-gen experience.

You can stand closer to it, it has a full HD 1080p camera, and it’s able to capture the movements of up to fifteen people at the same time.

So what games can you use Kinect with?

Killer Instinct

Sadly it looks like you won’t be able to use Kinect to pretend to be Fulgore. Instead Kinect will help with local tournaments, recognising whose turn it is and loading a player’s favourite character and control preferences to streamline the tournament process.

Just Dance 14

Just Dance 14 is able to identify six dancers at once individually and can include a lead player. A karaoke mode is also available to give players the chance to sing along as well as dance to the game’s routines.

Kinect Sports Rivals

Kinect’s greater precision will allow gamers better accuracy for Sports Rivals’ list of games including bowling, jet ski racing, football, tennis, and even rock climbing. Kinect will scan players and let them put their own image in the game.

Project Spark

Project Spark is hugely ambitious – think a LittleBigPlanet with Kinect capabilities allowing players to place their own actions and acted scenes into digital worlds. Kinect can capture players’ full bodies and movements, which offers potentially limitless creative possibilities.

As the library advances and developers make better use of Kinect we’re sure to see something incredible further down the line.

The four games mentioned above are an impressive start on what’s already lauded as an incredible piece of technology, ready for gamers to own in their very own homes.

The wait is almost over!  Pre-order your Xbox One today!

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