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Knack preview

Who is Knack?

Only the saviour of the world, of course. Knack is a three-foot golem made up of ancient artefacts who’s humanity’s best hope against a rampant goblin menace.

He’s also the PlayStation 4’s earliest mascot contender, with the cute little blighter part of the console’s launch line-up.

Released on 29 November Knack features a lot of old-school platforming elements with the game being compared to Crash Bandicoot, God Of War, and – bizarrely – Katamari.

That makes sense though when you understand Knack is directed by industry legend Mark Cerny. Cerny has an incredible CV having previously worked on Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Jak and Daxter, Uncharted, Resistance, and a number of other blockbusters.

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So how exactly will pocket rocket Knack save the world? Knack is made up from a number of ancient relics which have been bound together and given consciousness by a human known as the Doctor.

Knack is also able to absorb elements (such as ice and metal) to get through levels as well as bulking up to incredible sizes to crush anything in his path by collecting relics, hence the nod to Katamari.

Not all is as it seems though as goblin leader Gundahar appears to be in cahoots with human forces that are looking to take over the planet.

Two players can jump into Knack thanks to the game’s co-op play to control Robo-Knack, who is able to pass on some of his body parts to heal the first player.

One of the most exciting things about Knack? It’s already built up a reputation for its difficulty levels which should pacify platforming traditionalists worried about the strength of the challenges offered up by next-gen consoles.

Developers SCE Japan have crammed the game with clever puzzles, which is exactly what you’d expect from the studio that created Loco Roco, Patapon, and many other crazy classics.

Knack represents a true look at next-gen platforming. It’s full of gorgeous visuals thanks to the game’s broad locations and cartoon-like characters.

Knack also features some stealth sections, believe it or not, and some interesting social features that we’ll be able to get more of a grip of when the game’s finally launched.

Knack may look like an odd choice of game to release when heralding the dawn of a brand new console era, but it actually makes a lot of sense.

Instead of releasing something that celebrates style over substance Knack is a clever, fun platformer that exhibits the incredible physics and capabilities offered by the PlayStation 4.

You can’t really gauge how amazing the swirling parts of Knack’s body look on a YouTube video. We guarantee that once you watch it in person on an HD TV you’ll fall in love with this creative platformer.

Get your first taste of next-generation platforming brilliance with Knack on PlayStation 4. Pre-order today with Grainger Games and get free delivery!

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