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Xbox One Exclusives

Xbox One Exclusives

A Full Breakdown Of Xbox One’s Exclusive Games

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… new console launches!

The Xbox One is the first to hit retail having a week’s head start on the PlayStation 4.

We’ve already talked about what you can expect from the console when you open the box. Now it’s time to gush over the games and exclusives that will make or break the console.

Xbox One has more exclusives than PlayStation 4. Need more money to afford them all? Grainger Games has the best trade-in prices for old games, gadgets, and consoles in the UK!

Here’s our look at ten Xbox One exclusives which will define its early fortunes against the PS4:


Titanfall is exclusive only for the lifetime of the title on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC" EA CFO Blake Jorgensen is quoted as saying. Set for release March 2014 Titanfall has already been hailed as the Xbox One’s ‘killer app’.

Titanfall is a first-person shooter which features online-only multiplayer matches on an apocalyptic planet. Players can climb walls, take charge of enormous robotic death machines (titans), and more. A graphically-gorgeous evolution to the FPS genre.

Forza Motorsport 5

Petrolheads will have access to over 200 of the world’s finest race cars in Forza Motorsport 5, giving you the chance to drive such fantastic motors including the Lotus E21, the McLaren M23, the Ferrari 312T2, and many more.

Spa, Bathurst, Yas Marina, and Circuit de la Sarthe have been confirmed as tracks for Forza 5, and teaser trailers have shown McLarens P1 and F1 models as possible vehicles – the P1 itself being used as part of Forza 5’s E3 reveal in June.

Quantum Break

Developer Remedy Entertainment has always tried something different (think Max Payne and Alan Wake) but Quantum Break is set to raise the bar for originality. Quantum Break centres around time travel, and even incorporates live-action videos.

Bizarrely a TV series is also set to be produced with Remedy saying there will be a direct correlation between the two. Actions in the game will influence the show, while the show will give players hints on how to approach the game. Sounds truly next-gen to us!

Dead Rising 3

The Dead Rising series was one of the most fun tongue-in-cheek survival horror games during the last generation. The launch title lets you control Nick Ramos as he battles thousands of zombies in a huge open world said to be bigger than the first and second games combined.

Thankfully Dead Rising 3 gets rid of the time limit and allows you to save from anywhere. The crafting system stays and lets players combine weapons on-the-go. So expect to be able to jam a parking meter up a zombie’s dead zone.

Sunset Overdrive

Bursting with colour Sunset Overdrive may look the antithesis to the new moody Dead Rising 3 but maintains the game’s fun spirit. After a traumatic event the player’s city is now infested with mutants with gamers having to use their agility to save their lives and survive.

Sunset Overdrive has a lot in common with Jet Set Radio. You can zip line across the game’s beautiful open world, wall run, and do some parkour-style acrobatics. Sunset Overdrive’s humour is also a plus point with one of our heroes shooting LPs at mutants in the official trailer.

Halo 5

The hype’s already begun on a game that’s not set to appear on Xbox One until late 2014. You could argue it shows that Microsoft knows what the fans want though, and that it’s thinking in the long-term with the software it wants on the console.

Very little is known about the new Halo, with it already being dubbed ‘Halo 5’ by denizens of the internet. What we do know is that what appears to be Master Chief is featured heavily in the debut trailer, and that Microsoft Studios corporate vice president, Phil Spencer, says it will be canon.

Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse has been compared to God Of War, which is a favourable thing if you ask us. The action-adventure follows the life of Roman general Marius Titus who wants to avenge the death of his family which was slain by barbarian bandits.

Gladiator it ain’t. Ryse is set in an alternate universe seeing Marius travel through the beautiful backdrops of Britannia and more. You will have tactical control over some of your battle units, while Kinect and SmartGlass integration has been confirmed.

Project Spark

Project Spark is a strange one, but the amount of potential it carries is phenomenal. Usable with Kinect and SmartGlass you can create your own games, films, and more with incredible depth and precision.

Project Spark, like LittleBigPlanet and Minecraft, feels like a limitless creative tool giving gamers the means to construct something fantastic and unique. Creations can be shared online with other gamers while you can enter other people’s levels and explore them at will.

Kinect Sports Rivals

We’ve already covered some of the games that will make use of the brand new, technologically-refined Kinect. On the list was Kinect Sports Rivals which features jet-skiing, bowling, rock climbing, target shooting, tennis, and football.

With Kinect able to pick up more people and let you stand closer than before, gameplay on Kinect Sports Rivals should be significantly improved on previous entries. Can it have the same impact for Xbox One as Wii Sports had for the Wii?

Killer Instinct

Was there any better feeling at the arcades than pulling off a 50-odd hit combo and kicking a werewolf off the top of a building? Killer Instinct’s announcement in June caught a lot of people off guard and will you your first experiences of an action-packed next-gen beat-em-up.

Killer Instinct was always a solid fighter when ported to consoles with the real appeal mastering ridiculous combos. We’re expecting big things from Killer Instinct, especially with a jam-packed roster full of favourites including Jago, Sabrewulf, Glacius, Fulgore, and more.

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