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The Wonderful World Of Terraria

What do you mean you haven’t heard of Terraria?

It’s been described as the 2D Minecraft and has a huge internet following online. Created by indie developer Re-Logic Terraria has been a smash online thanks to its construction, exploration, and survival elements.

Terraria has sold more than three million digital copies to date and is finally available to buy on the PlayStation 3.

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So what exactly is there to get excited about?

Randomly-generated retro goodness

A lot of Terraria’s appeal lies in its gorgeous sprites which hark back to 16-bit days complemented by exploration elements similar to Super Metroid.

Environments are randomly generated and invite you to explore all the secrets they have on offer while boss battles and summons are truly breath-taking. Even smaller enemies like zombies and slimes are bursting with charm (even as you slay them and steal their items).

Kill a tough boss underground and players can even unlock a Hard mode which steps things up quite noticeably in the difficulty stakes. Very retro.

Deeply rewarding gameplay

There’s a reason Terraria is compared to Minecraft. Players start with the basics (a sword, pickaxe, and axe) and are left to their own devices as the world opens up around them.

Exploration opens up ores and other resources to craft new items and weapons, while digging just a little deeper will uncover rare chests and more to collect.

Crafting is huge in Terraria with players able to build things at certain stations dotted throughout the world. The tougher the enemies you fight (which may appear at specific locations at set times) the rarer the items they drop, allowing you to craft bigger and better items.

Colourful (non-playable) characters

Sandbox worlds can get lonely. As you progress through Terraria you can fill up your houses and towns with NPCs that you find throughout the world such as wizards, nurses, and others.

They appear when you’ve ticked a certain action from your to-do list and have the ability to sell you items or services. If you pay them handsomely, of course…

Why Terraria should be on your Christmas list

Terraria is no Minecraft rip off. It undoubtedly has similar elements but it expands on them to carve out its own personality with a retro skin that balances the game’s action elements superbly.

Terraria is an incredibly clever little game and has a lot more depth than certain so-called blockbusters currently doing the rounds. It’s definitely something you should play and experience at least once, especially now that it’s built itself a little home on the PlayStation 3.

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