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Xbox One Launch Titles

Xbox One Launch Titles

5 Xbox One Games Ready for Launch

It’s Xbox One week at Grainger Games!

The first of the UK’s next-generation consoles launches on Friday – a week before the PlayStation 4 – and from what we’ve witnessed behind the scenes gamers are in for a real treat.

Microsoft has been bold in backing the console with a stunning batch of exclusive games that give it a real early software edge over the PlayStation 4.

But alongside the fifteen-plus exclusives in the Xbox One’s crown are a number of current-gen games that have been refined and improved for the system that you can pick up and play from launch.

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Here are the five best games you can’t afford to miss from day one:

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is rightly heralded as the best game of the series so far thanks to its Caribbean setting and swashbuckling pirate action.

But Black Flag really comes alive on Xbox One with incredible visual improvements and gorgeous particle effects. Cannon smoke drifts into the air from freshly-fired cannons, water animation looks more natural than ever, and individual blades of long grass flow with the breeze.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts already looks fanastic on the current gen consoles, but once you've played it on the Next Gen you'll struggle to go back.

Multiplayer is addictive as ever while players can work their way through a breathless and over-the-top campaign that catapults you as far as outer space. It’s everything you’d expect from a modern Call of Duty title… oh, and there’s a dog in it, too.

Fifa 14

Our interview with Fifa 14 producer Santiago Jaramillo got us salivating at the prospect of next-gen football with the series’ new IGNITE engine.

We’re pleased to confirm that next-gen Fifa is better than ever with the EA team living up to its promises. New, fluid animations make the beautiful game more realistic than ever, with IGNITE adding extra polish to what is celebrated as one of the greatest football games ever released.

Battlefield 4

Xbox One’s Battlefield 4 experience not only offers improved visuals, but also adds an element of Kinect interactivity with head-tracking features.

Even if you’re sat down Kinect can see you peeking around cover and translate that in-game. Voice commands are also added allowing you to summon medics, ammo requests, and more. Console gamers will also be able to experience 64-player multiplayer battles with Xbox One.

Need for Speed Rivals

Need for Speed Rivals again concentrates on racer versus police, and petrolheads will be pleased to know that the series still offers a wild, entertaining driving experience.

Rivals’ driving is complemented superbly by next-gen graphics and physics. Most impressive is the way Rivals blends single and multiplayer modes thanks to the new Xbox Live’s ability to drop players into your game to either compete against you or try to take you down as an officer of the law.

All of these games and more are ushering in the next generation of gaming from Friday. Take a look at all the Xbox One goodness you can get online with Grainger Games, including free delivery!

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