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Xbox One Q and A!

Xbox One Q and A!

Your Xbox One questions – answered!

Having a large network of stores across the UK puts us in a privileged position – the most important being that it puts us on the front line of the gaming scene.

For the past few months people calling into our stores have been asking us questions about next-generation consoles, from parents looking to snap one up for Christmas to gamers ready to make the leap to the next level of gaming.

There are a lot of common questions our fantastic team constantly field, so we’ve taken the time to take note of some of the most common question and will answer them here.

And, as it’s Xbox One week at Grainger Games to celebrate Friday’s launch, we’ll start with Microsoft’s super console!

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Can I just plug in and play?

Sort of. We’ve already covered what’s in the box and the amazing exclusive games on the system, but there are a couple of things you need to do before you can start gaming.

Before you can do anything with your Xbox One you’ll have to download a ‘Day One’ update, which should take between 15-20 minutes. Once done you’re free to explore!

Do I need a new Xbox Live account?

Nope. Your Xbox Live Gold membership, gamertag, avatar, and all your previous achievements can be transferred over to your Xbox One.

Entertainment purchases you’ve previously made (movies, music, and others) will be also transferrable. You won’t be able to use any previous Arcade purchases though as the Xbox One isn’t backwards compatible.

You’ll need Xbox Live Gold to play multiplayer games, see certain TV channels and use other features.

Is Xbox Live Gold worth it?

We think so. There are a huge number of benefits to Xbox Live Gold on the Xbox One – one of our favourites being SmartMatch, which pairs players up faster than ever before over multiplayer.

SmartMatch will also match players based on skill levels, reputations, and more, making for a truly refined (and hopefully troll-free) online experience.

Microsoft is also promising two free Xbox 360 games a month for the rest of the year to members.

What about social networking?

Again, features such as Twitch.tv and Skype are only available through a Gold account. But it’s worth the outlay thanks to the amazingly precise nature of the new Kinect where you can call friends and family from the comfort of your sofa.

What’s SkyDrive?

Xbox One allows you to record moments from your game and edit them with the console’s Game DVR features. Once you’re happy with the finished result upload it to the cloud-based SkyDrive and share it with your friends. Check out the above video for more information.

If you have any other next-gen questions drop us a line on our Facebook page or Twitter feed, or call into one of our stores today!

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