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Reasons to own a PS4

Reasons to own a PS4

A Million Reasons To Love The PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 has already broken the million-sales mark.

Not in the UK, of course (it’s not out till Friday). Even more impressive is that the stateside launch of the PlayStation 4 managed to shift more than a million units in as little as 24 hours.

Compare that to the Wii U which has sold 3.91 million units across the globe since December 2012 (as of this month) and the extent of the system’s popularity can be put in an entirely different context.

The console still has a long way to go though before it hits the heights of its predecessor. At the start of the month Sony announced that PlayStation 3 sales have topped 80 million in the seven years it’s been on the block.

So what is it that makes the PlayStation 4’s launch one of the most anticipated in the history of gaming?

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A scintillating E3 performance

Should a console be judged at an industry event moments after the world gets its first glimpse? Of course not, but that didn’t stop a number of games outlets and the wider internet slating Microsoft’s contender and declaring the PlayStation 4 winner of E3.

‘Winning’ E3 in June though certainly didn’t do the PlayStation 4 any harm. Highlighting the Xbox One’s always online features and more turned a number of gamers onto Sony’s miracle machine (though in reality they’re both as good as each other).

Better looks?

It’s in the eye of the beholder, of course, but the PlayStation 4 has won all-round praise thanks to its delicious design. Did you know that according to President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Shuhei Yoshida the console’s looks were inspired by Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls?

It’s two-tone look is eye-catching, attractive, and complements the console’s slanted nature. It’s more compact than the Xbox One and is sans power brick. The ability to stand it up on its side also makes for a living-room-friendly system that takes up little space.

Exclusives and indie support

The PlayStation 4 has a number of great exclusives on the way with many more planned for the future. But one of the biggest draws to the console – especially for developers – is Sony’s commitment to the indie scene.

Sony Computer Entertainment sales director Alex Coultate has recently compared small independents to larger retail chains, recently telling MCV-UK “[Independents are] really important to us… There’s just a huge amount of focus on them.”

With a positive focus on the indie scene Sony is winning over gamers and developers alike with a truly next-gen philosophy.

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