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Our picks of 2013!

The Grainger Games Awards 2013

It’s been a fine year for gaming which will climax with the release of two of the most powerful consoles the world has ever seen.

Gamers have never had it so good. 2013 has been a bumper year with all systems hosting scores of amazing games that left a real impression on us.

Even better, this year we’ve seen developers pushed to their creative limits, telling incredible stories and complementing them with astounding gameplay.

There have been so many outstanding games released that it’s been difficult to whittle them down to a handful of winners.

But it’s time we said our thanks to the games that have made this year so great! Welcome to the Grainger Games Awards 2013!

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Best Nintendo Wii U Game

Super Mario 3D World

It hasn’t been out long but it’s easily the Wii U’s must-have game. Though Wind Waker HD and Pikmin 3 are great titles for the console Super Mario 3D World is an instant classic. Not only is it the best game on the Wii U, it’s up there with the finest Mario games ever created. And you can be a cat!

Best PS Vita Game


Tearaway manages to achieve what a number of games on the Vita struggle to do – make perfect use of the system’s touchscreens to break the fourth wall and fully absorb the player into another world. Media Molecule’s papercraft setting is a real triumph and haemorrhages imagination and creativity at every turn.

Best Nintendo Wii Game

Skylanders SWAP Force

Although it’s been a quieter year for the Wii due to the release of the Wii U, Skylanders SWAP Force shows there’s still life in the console yet. The third instalment in the Skylanders series SWAP Force makes a number of improvements on the formula and is the best in the series by far. Compatible with previous figures SWAP Force introduces new character combinations and fresh ideas.

Best PlayStation 3 Game

The Last Of Us

Naughty Dog’s survival story is worthy of an Oscar. The fascinating tale of Ellie and Joel’s relationship as they struggle to stay alive following the spread of a fungus-like plague and hostile human factions is realised with immense vocal talent and a tight narrative. The gameplay is equally as good, making it the stand out game of its generation.

Best PlayStation 4 Game

Battlefield 4

We’re going with Battlefield 4 as the best PlayStation 4 game so far thanks to its super-sharp graphics and total immersion into a virtual war experience. Its sixty-four strong multiplayer is spectacular on Sony’s new machine and is a fine introduction to the incredible depth possessed by the Battlefield series for console gamers.

Best Xbox 360 Game

Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite edges it. Irrational Games took the Bioshock universe in a completely different direction while keeping the core themes that made the series so popular intact. Columbia’s airborne setting is truly majestic with the impressive visuals helping tell a fascinating story. Our first encounter with Songbird left us breathless.

Best Xbox One Game

Dead Rising 3

The Xbox One’s most fun game so far is Dead Rising 3. The series has evolved for the better thanks to the ability to save anywhere and numerous other tweaks. The world is larger than the first and second games’ combined and the console’s hardware lets you shred masses of zombies on-screen with virtually no slowdown at all.

Best Nintendo 3DS Game

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Pokemon X/Y was the front-runner until we got our hands on the excellent Link Between Worlds. The sequel to A Link to the Past offers so many new ideas whilst managing to keep one of gaming’s greatest worlds intact. Top-down Zelda has never looked so good, while the ability to merge with walls shows Nintendo still knows how to craft an amazing puzzle.

Best PC Game

Total War: Rome II

We love nothing more than an addicting strategy game that completely takes over your life. Total War: Rome II was that game for us this year with the sequel to Rome: Total War providing incredible depths of realism and stunning visuals. Watching individual units wage war in your name and following your every order on the battlefield is nothing short of magnificent.

Overall Game of the Year 2013

Grand Theft Auto V

Could it really have been anything else? Grand Theft Auto V smashed all before it, broke records, and became one of the biggest entertainment launches in history. It’s the most refined Grand Theft Auto to be released and is the epitome of the sandbox game formula.

Featuring three protagonists (one of whom is probably one of the most deranged characters we’ve ever seen in a game) Grand Theft Auto V’s world is a wonderful technical achievement that pushes the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to their limits.

Throw into the mix the expansive world of Grand Theft Auto Online and you’ve got a game packed with content that will keep gamers entertained for many years to come.

Do you agree with our choices? What have been your favourite gaming moments this year, and your own personal games of the year? Let us know via Facebook, Twitter, or on the comments section below!

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