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10 Amazing Games You May Have Missed During 2013

Gamers have never had it so good.

2013 has been an amazing year for gaming which can surely only be topped by 2014’s next-gen consoles churning out some phenomenal new gaming experiences.

The current generation is also far from finished, meaning gamers will be able to fill their boots for years to come.

For all of the blockbuster titles released this year (Grand Theft Auto V, The Last of US, Bioshock Infinite…) there have also been games released that for one reason or another have slipped under the radar.

But these games aren’t also-rans. They’re brilliant titles offering immersive gameplay experiences and are a whole lot of fun.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing games you may have missed out on over the course of 2013.

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Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Wrath of the White Witch is one of the most unique, compelling role-playing games to come out of Japan in years. Co-developed by Studio Ghibli Wrath of the White Witch looks as beautiful and is as well-scripted as one of their famous films. Behind the looks is a tight RPG that offers hour after hour of enjoyment with plenty of exploration and side quests.

Tomb Raider

The enjoyable Tomb Raider reboot showing Lara Croft’s early days as a treasure hunter was one of the games that failed to meet Square Enix’s sales targets. Amazing, as this gritty Lara’s first expedition sees our heroine explore gorgeous environments and battle a savage cult in a bid to save her friends in what is an entertaining action-adventure.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Sneaky Sly Cooper has had his family tree fiddled with by dastardly time-travelling criminal Le Paradox and it’s up to our anthropomorphic hero to fix the damage. Thieves in Time is a wonderful platformer masterfully combining stealth and action sequences complemented by marvellous cel-shaded visuals and a witty, well-narrated script.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Revengeance might be a completely made-up word and Raiden may be gaming’s equivalent of Marmite but that doesn’t stop Metal Gear Rising from being one of the most intense hack-and-slashers ever created by Platinum Games. Revengeance’s swordplay is superb with the title offering a more tongue-in-cheek fast-action pace to the Metal Gear series.

Gears of War: Judgment

Epic Games’ Gears of War prequel is the fourth in the series and offers fans more of the brutal third-person gameplay they know and love. Judgement focuses on the trial of Lt. Damon Bird and his team, Kilo squad, who are accused of committing a number of crimes while on duty. Flashbacks reveal a lot of Gears’ backstory and the events leading up to the first game of the series.

DmC: Devil May Cry

DmC, like Tomb Raider, is a reboot and focuses on a young Dante making his way through the demon-infested Limbo City. Set in an alternate reality DmC stays true to the series hack-and-slash formula with Dante sticking with his tried-and-trusted sword and pistol combinations. Dante’s fifth outing is highly enjoyable and a great entry from Ninja Theory.

Resident Evil: Revelations

Revelations was, well, a revelation for the Resident Evil series. The 3DS adventure was ported to PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360 in May and – in a lot of people’s eyes – offers a lot more than Resident Evil 6. Set on board the SS Queen Zenobia Revelations goes back to Resident Evil’s roots of limited ammo, puzzle solving, and bloody terrifying monsters.

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Lego Batman 2 is the first Traveller’s Tales Lego game to feature open-world exploration. Hitting the Wii U in May Lego Batman 2 gives players the opportunity to play as a number of characters in the DC roster including Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and more. The game also features a clever script and voice acting to support its fun, accessible gameplay.


Reminiscent of Treasure’s Mega Drive smash Dynamite Heady Puppeteer follows Kutaro, a boy who has been transformed into a puppet. Kutaro can change his head and gain different powers to help him on his way, and he wields an enormous pair of magical scissors to cut through the game’s amazing papercraft world. A unique, modern, and fun platformer.


Merc with a Mouth Deadpool was treated to his own game this year with the sweary Marvel character hijacking High Moon Studios and demanding they make "the most awesome game ever” starring him. Deadpool constantly breaks the fourth wall, has over-the-top set pieces and sees the anti-hero encountering a number of X-Men. While swearing.

Have we missed any out? 2013 has been a golden year for gaming – what have been your favourite experiences, and how much are you looking forward to 2014? Let us know in the comments section below, via our Facebook page, or tweet us today!

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