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5 Delayed Next-gen Games That Will Be Well Worth The Wait

Is there anything more disappointing than a game you’ve been waiting ages for being delayed?

It’s worse when it happens a week or two before release (and is supposed to be bundled with a ground-breaking new console). For the games we’ve listed below, though, we’re ready to accept the delay, forgive and forget.

Why? Because these are truly next-gen titles that can potentially change the gaming landscape. And if delaying them means that they’ll be even better when released then we’re content to sit and twiddle our thumbsticks just a little bit longer…

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Watch Dogs – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

The one we were personally most disappointed about because it looks so damn amazing. Ubisoft Montreal’s Watch Dogs puts you in the shoes of hacker Aiden Pearce in an open-world third-person setting.

Stealth master Aiden can hack into any electronic device wired into ctOS, the city’s central operating system, giving him licence to hack phones, steal money from people’s bank accounts, change traffic lights on a whim, and more. A truly next-gen imagining of the sandbox genre.

Driveclub – PlayStation 4

Driveclub was delayed until early 2014 with developers Evolution Studios citing the need to “deliver on their vision.”

Driveclub is a world away from the developer’s previous racer, MotorStorm. Featuring ultra-realistic cars Driveclub promises to be a social racing revolution with teams of players working together to manage teams and share other features online.

The Crew – PlayStation 4, Xbox One

There must be something in the water at Ubisoft. Open-world racer The Crew is taking aim at the Need for Speed series with Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot saying it’s the company’s "long term goal to win the next generation."

The Crew is huge with it taking players an estimated 90 minutes in-game to drive from coast-to-coast across North America. The crew features role-playing game mechanics and enormous multiplayer elements.

The Last Guardian – PlayStation 4

Don’t give up hope yet. The Last Guardian is still very much alive with Fumito Ueda confirming in August that SCE Japan is still working on the long-awaited title.

If released this generation The Last Guardian is likely to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive with it originally being slated for the PlayStation 3 by the wonderful Team Ico. The Last Guardian features a boy working alongside a griffin-type creature as they try to escape captivity.

Twitch – Xbox One

Not a game as such, but Twitch’s Xbox One delay could potentially be a big blow to the next-generation console’s bid for online supremacy against its rivals.

Delayed until 2014 the app allows people to watch and interact with people online playing games, as well as stream their own gameplay action. It’s already available on the PlayStation 4, with many citing the service as the catalyst to the future of video game spectator sports.

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