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Forza 5 Skins

The Most Creative Forza Motorsport 5 Skins So Far

We love a bit of Forza. The Xbox One exclusive has opened our eyes to the possibilities that next-gen racing can achieve and offers blistering multiplayer racing fun.

As brilliant as the actual racing is though, nothing beats being able to create your own jaw-dropping custom skins and take them to the track.

Forza 5’s hyper-realistic graphics make for some amazing paint jobs, with petrolheads across the internet putting so much time into creating something that makes the best cars on the planet look even better.

The problem is though that we’re not very good at it. So instead we’ve had a look around the net and found some brilliant skins that you won’t believe exist.

Some people out there have some real talent and patience. Here are the best Forza 5 skins created and shared online so far.

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The Wind Wa-car

We wonder if Nill31 is a Zelda fan. With a Triforce stamped on the boot and bonnet, a brilliant cel-shaded link adorns the blue-and-gold coloured Subaru as it thunders around the track.

The Tardis

Doctor Who’s famous blue police box has been reimagined in the form of a 2010 Volkswagen Golf R. User Draincs has done his best to replicate the world’s most famous time machine, but it probably has a standard trim on the inside as opposed to the keys to all of space and time.


The Nissan GT-R is a stunning car. LinkinPrime has gone one step further though to improve it by giving it a majestic black and blue finish, skinning it to look like the suit of Dick Grayson’s crime-fighting alter-ego Nightwing.

My Little Pony - Derpymobile

We’re not sure if TheFishE77 is a brony or not, but we’re inclined to think he is with the Derpy tribute that’s been plastered all over his 2013 Toyota GT86. Bound to distract other drivers if they see it approaching in the rear-view mirror.

Iron Man

LinkinPrime again, and this time he’s turned his Nissan GT-R into a stunning tribute of Iron Man’s armoured exoskeleton, complete with power source located on the bonnet.

Peppa Pig

One for the kids – user Delbrownio has covered his classic 1963 Volkswagen Beetle with pictures of pre-school favourite Peppa Pig.

Afro Samurai

Hardest mother on the planet Afro Samurai has been immortalised onto the side of a Toyota GT86 thanks to the talented number 2 headband wearer SilencedMykham.

My Little Pony - Applejack

Ah, TheFishE77 is a brony then. Nothing wrong with that, of course – this time he’s coated a gorgeous 1969 Dodge Charger with Sweet Apple Acres’ very own Applejack.

Car-l Pilkington

Our favourite. Killer-Byte, having too much time on his hands, has been busy crafting a paint job set to feature Ricky Gervais’ sidekick. Head like a orange.

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(With thanks to forums.forzamotorsport.net)

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