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The Evil Within Preview

The Evil Within Preview

Is The Evil Within Resident Evil’s Biggest Nightmare?

The original Resident Evil games are seen by many as where the survival horror genre all began. However more recent outings have been more focused on action rather than the genuine scares the earlier games provided.

But the series’ biggest problem may not be a disinterested audience. Rather, the biggest threat may actually hail from Resident Evil’s very own creator.

The Evil Within will likely be our first glimpse of survival horror on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and is being developed by Japanese developers Tango Gameworks.

Why, that’s the company that was founded by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami, no less…

The father of survival horror set to release a chilling new IP? We’re excited. And if The Evil Within reaches the heights we’re expecting it to hit then Mikami could very well turn out to be Resident Evil’s biggest nightmare.

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Glimpses of The Evil Within have already convinced us that Mikami is bang on form with his new game.

The story centres around Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his crew as they investigate the scene of a grisly mass murder (in a huge mansion, of course).

Except supernatural forces appear to be at play. The reveal trailer, to us, has an air of the original Silent Hill to it as Castellanos wakes in a bizarre world teeming with only the most disturbing creations.

The hellish atmosphere is complemented by his friend’s madness which is the last thing Sebastian needs as he battles sinister forces.

The Evil Within’s latest gameplay trailer is truly terrifying and, better yet, shows some innovative updates to the genre. A sign that a door’s locked before we try to open it… brilliant!

We can’t wait to see what puzzles are on offer first-hand, and whether they’re as brain-bending as the plot. The development team has gone on record as saying ‘the story is the puzzle’, but it wouldn’t be a survival horror without us having to complete some convoluted task or other.

This fresh competition can only be good news for gamers really if it encourages Resident Evil makers Capcom to inject fresh impetus into one of the world’s most iconic series. Till then, however, you’ll find us cowering under the covers until Mikami’s latest masterpiece is released.

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