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DBZ: Battle of Z

DBZ: Battle of Z

Will Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z Be A Return To Form?

We’re excited for Battle of Z.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is the first game to hit retail since 2012, and with new developers Artdink taking the reins of one of the most popular mangas ever, we can’t wait to brush up on our kamehamehas and spirit bombs.

Tokyo-based Artdink has been creating games over in the East for years with its most recognisable international title the classic A-Train released in 1985.

So will Battle of Z be the developer’s next big global smash? Artdink has a lot to play with, with Battle of Z featuring Goku’s Super Saiyan God form alongside supreme beings Bills and Whis – all debuting in last year’s Battle of Gods anime movie.

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Battle of Z revisits classic storylines from the manga including the Saiyan, Freiza, Cell, and Majin Buu sagas, alongside others.

Enormous boss battles will see players squaring off against great apes Vegeta, Gohan and Bardock, as well as Metal Cooler and the ferocious Hirudegarn.

Gamers will also be able to fight on a number of iconic stages including the Big Gete Star, Kami’s Lookout, Planet Namek, the Cell Games Arena, the Supreme Kai’s Planet, and others.

Single-player missions aren’t your typical one-on-one battles anymore and reflect more on the series. For instance team battles allow not just Goku to take on Frieza, but Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin, too.

Where Battle of Z really shines is in its cooperative mechanic and team-based missions. Four players can fight on the same team at once in team battle mode, perform attacks together, and heal each other.

Multi mission lets up to eight players fight alongside each other online to complete tasks, while battle royal is a thrilling free-for-all with every man for himself.

We’re most looking forward to Dragon Ball grab, though, with two teams of four fighting it out to find seven Dragon Balls scattered across the field of play.

Character customisation also makes a return in Battle of Z, with players using a card-based system to edit and refine characters. The colours of character costumes can also be edited.

The real meat of Dragon Ball Z lies in its instantly recognisable characters. Fans will be pleased to hear that more than 70 fighters will be available to unlock throughout the course of the game.

And it looks gorgeous. Artdink has taken the cell-shaded look present in other games and somehow managed to enhance it, making it (for our money) the best looking fighter of 2014 so far.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. Pre-order with Grainger Games today and get free delivery as well as rewards points on your account!

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