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Early 2014 Releases

The Games Of 2014 – What Games Are Released In January, February, And March?

It’s finally 2014 and you lucky, lucky gamers are in for one hell of a treat!

We’ve already picked some of our contenders for the best games of this year, but truth is we could have carried on writing that list for ever.

The potential the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have brought to the gaming scene is fascinating. Not only that, but there’s still plenty of life left in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, whilst new life has also been breathed into the PlayStation Vita.

And don’t count the Wii U out. This year is huge for Nintendo’s latest console, and it won’t disappoint with classic titles such as Zelda and Mario Kart receiving a new, HD upgrade.

So let’s break down the first quarter of 2014! Here are some of our favourite picks for your next three months of gaming:

January 2014

Mario Party: Island Tour

81 new minigames are packed into 3DS exclusive Mario Party: Island Tour, with Mario and friends working their way across seven new, creative boards. Each board has different themes, and while the gameplay is similar to other entries in the series, Island Tour features great multiplayer options and a huge single-player mode.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

The world’s favourite Manga/Anime series makes its return to consoles with new features and a brand new developer. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z features some incredible multiplayer team battle options and magnificent boss battles. Battle of Z is also the first game to feature God of Destruction Bills, his companion Whis, and Goku’s Saiyan God mode.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Lara’s got brand new hair physics (because she’s worth it). That’s not all – Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition has received an overhaul, giving the island of Yamatai gorgeous new textures and lighting effects. Multiplayer has been rebuilt while a slew of DLC is included alongside some phenomenal digital artbooks, comics, and documentaries.

February 2014

Fable Anniversary

Missed out on the first Fable? Fable Anniversary is a new take on the original with remastered visuals, audio, and brand new content. Fable, to us, is one of the most fun examples of being able to choose your own destiny in a game. Whether you choose to be good or evil, Fable is still as fun as it was when first released a decade ago.

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns

There are quite a few new Final Fantasy games appearing over 2014, with the first a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2. Lightning’s back in a race against time to save the world set 500 years after XIII-2’s ending. Lightning Returns features a 13-day time limit that needs to be extended by completing missions, a revamped gameplay system, action-orientated battles, and more.


The Thief reboot is a stealth-lovers dream. Master thief Garrett has a huge array of tricks at his disposal as he looks to steal from the wealthy inhabitants of despot-ruled The City, with players able to choose a number of paths in each given level to affect the outcome. Garrett’s focus ability is an interesting feature, giving Garrett numerous advantages over his plague-ridden enemies.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

We loved testing ourselves on the hardcore Wii smash Donkey Kong Country Returns. Retro Studios is serving up more of the same in Tropical Freeze on Wii U with a band of Viking Snomads invading Donkey Kong Island. Gameplay is expected to be as tough as ever as the Kongs look to take back their island, with Cranky Kong confirmed as a playable character for the very first time.

March 2014

Dark Souls II

As tough as DKC may be it can’t hold a candle to the Demon’s/Dark Souls series. Dark Souls II is a direct sequel to Dark Souls and is set to be one of the most punishing games we’ve ever played. Intriguingly time is a factor in Dark Souls II – something to do with our cursed character looking to cure his agony? We can’t wait to find out…


Titanfall is set to be one of the Xbox One’s killer apps. An online multiplayer-only first-person shooter Titanfall takes place on a desolate war-torn planet. Not only can players pilot huge mechs called Titans to turn the tide of battle, but they can also run along walls and pull off other amazing agile moves in the game’s 12-player deathmatches.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

It’s Snake, but not as you know him. Ground Zeroes is linked with Peace Walker and The Phantom Pain and acts as a prologue to the latter. Players can build their own bases and weapons in Ground Zeroes while the game features a real-time day and night cycle. Players can also access their virtual bases via smartphones – some truly revolutionary ideas at play, here!

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

We can’t wait to see our two favourite DS icons team up in the same game. The 3DS adventure sees Layton try and solve the riddles of a town seemingly steeped in the occult, while Ace defends Espella Cantabella, a young lady accused of being a witch. Brain-bending puzzles and tense legal drama in the same game? No objection from us.


As always release dates for these games may be subject to change, but the first quarter of 2014 is also expected to throw up some other amazing games to keep you busy such as DriveClub and the PS4 version of Minecraft!

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