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Thief Trailer

Thief Trailer

Thief is set for release on February 28th, and Eidos Montreal have released a new trailer showing why gamers should be looking forward to their reboot of the classic series.

Available on Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4 and PC - Thief allows players to choose their own path as they steal riches and become a master thief. You can stick to the shadows and complete the entire game without killing a single enemy, or pick off your enemies one by one using a wide range of weapons and equipment.

With plenty of gameplay footage a detailed look at some of the classic features that have been revamped for a new generation, check out the trailer below, or pre-order now at your local Grainger Games store or using the link below.

All pre-orders include 'The Bank Heist' - an exclusive mission that with put your thieving skills to the test with unique security measures and coveted loot!

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