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Destiny In-Game Reward

Destiny In-Game Reward

Grainger Games have teamed up with Activision to give all you First-Person Shooter fans a bonus item in Destiny! Purchase any edition of Destiny and preorder any edition of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare before 23:59 on 15th September 2014 and you'll receive an in-game reward for Destiny, the Level 20 Legendary Blacksmith Armour Shader!


The Blacksmith Armour Shader is an in-game Destiny reward that personalises the look of your character. In Destiny, high level Guardians purchase Armour Shaders to recolour or customise their armour.

With your Advanced Warfare pre-order you’ll receive the Level 20 Legendary Blacksmith Armour Shader. Once equipped, it applies shades of gun metal grey, bullet brass, and metallic silver to your Guardian armour - This can be seen below!

1. Receive a platform token for the Blacksmith Armor Shader, to be redeemed on either the Xbox Games Store or PlayStation Store
2. Retrieve the Armor Shader in the Destiny game from the Postmaster Vendor in the Tower
3. Obtain Level 20 to unlock Armor Shader use for your Guardian
4. Apply the Blacksmith Armor Shader from your Inventory screen

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