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WWE 2K16 Bonus

WWE 2K16 Bonus

Gamers who are looking forward to WWE 2K16,  releasing on the 30th October on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, will be pleased to hear of a fantastic pre-order bonus that has just been announced. Everyone who pre-orders the latest WWE title will get access to Arnold Schwarznegger as The Terminator as a playable wrestler!


The Terminator will be joining the largest roster in the WWE games history, with over 120 unique playable characters! Classic Superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin has been confirmed to be on the cover of the game, and the trailer confirming The Terminator pre-order bonus can be found below!


To pre-order WWE 2K16 just pop into your local Grainger Games store or use the link below!

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