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One of the highlights of the year for FIFA Ultimate Team players is nearly here, with the Team of the Season squads being announced on April 29th!

These squads highlight the players that have made the greatest impact for their respective clubs across the world! As well as these special in-form items, the following will be available:

Team of the Season Squads - Starting from April 29th, over 15 TOTS squads will be released, made up of the highest rated in-form players available in FIFA Ultimate Team.

New Packs - Throughout Team of the Season, a number of new packs will unvailed. For the first time, these packs will be offered which are geared to help you get the players you need to fill up your squad.

Team of the Season Tournaments - Brand new in-game tournaments will be available to take part in, as well as special rewards for those who can win multiple TOTS tournaments!

More information will be available on April 29th and throughout Early May when this is all taking place!

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