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E3 - Bethesda

E3 - Bethesda

E3 is underway and all the biggest publishers are showcasing their upcoming titles, as well as few suprises!

Bethesda announced some brand new titles, as well as updates to existing games - these included a Special, remastered edition of Skyrim on PS4 and Xbox One, which can be pre-ordered here before it releases on October 28th. In other news, Doom was confirmed for VR on HTC Vive alongside Fallout 4.

As well as this, brand new trailers for upcoming titles were relesed, these can be seen below:


Quake Champions - coming to PC.


More content announced for Fallout 4, including Contraptions, Vault Design and a whole new Area. Fallout 4 can be bought here or in your local store today!

Prey Rebooted – due for release in 2017.


Dishonored 2 gameplay revealed - this can be pre-ordered before it releases on November 11th here.

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