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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Combat

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Combat

Eidos have released the latest in a series of behind the scenes videos showcasing an aspect of the long awaited Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This video previews the combat system in the game, which Producer David Anfossi states is one of the four "pillars of the game", along with the "hacking, stealth and social" aspects. As Deus Ex: HR allows players to customise their characters skills with augmentations to suit their play style, giving the game replayability as gamers can play through again with a different style for a unique experience.

The video below focuses on a combat-based character and showcases the different abilities allowing gamers who choose to play through the game this way have access to. These include X-ray vision allowing players to see the location of enemies, and anti-recoil bonuses giving greater accuracy with weapons. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is available for pre-order and is set for release on the 26th August.

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