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Sonic celebrates his 20th Birthday

20 years ago to the day, Sonic the Hedgehog was released onto the Sega Mega Drive which became a massive success. Since then, Sonic has appeared in countless other games and spin offs, firmly establishing himself as one of the classic gaming icons. To celebrate his birthday, SEGA has lined up numerous treats for gamers, including a free Sonic 20th Anniversary app for iPhone users.

In addition to this, gamers with access to the Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Network can access special limited time deals allowing them to purchase some of the older favourites such as Sonic and Knuckles or Sonic Adventure for reduced prices! As well as these gifts and offers, a demo of the upcoming Sonic Generations is set to be released today onto Xbox Live/PSN, available until July 12th. View a trailer for Sonic Generations below, or pre-order with free UK delivery!


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