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MW3 Xbox Live deals!

MW3 Xbox Live deals!

To mark the launch of Modern Warfare 3, we have a special Call of Duty: MW3 branded Xbox live subscription which not only gives you access to Xbox Live Gold features for 12 months, but a bonus 2 months free! This will give you access to the online features of all your favourite titles until the start of 2013! As well as this, the subscription comes with a free prop for your Xbox Avatar: A Call of Duty Supply Crate!

We've also got some 4200 points cards which will allow anyone picking up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to spend 4000 Xbox Live points and become a COD Premium Elite member. This gives you:

- 1 years membership to the Premium Elite Programme
- Max of 20 pieces of downloadable COD :MW3 content (inc Maps) in advance of other non Premium users
- Year round official contests that put fans skills to the test to win digital prizes, COD swag and real world prizes (T&C apply)
- Premium Clan membership to gain Clan XP and level up and gain in-game recognition
- Access to Elite TV/ Exclusive Hollywood entertainment and content made by COD players

You will also gain Founders membership which grants you:
- Unique Founder Weapon Camo
- Exclusive Founder In-game Player Card
- Exclusive Founder In-game Emblem
- Access to the Private '#Founder' Group
- Unique Founder Elite Profile Skin!

This price of a 4000 Xbox Live points is an early bird offer and will increase in the near future, so don't miss out and grab your Xbox Live points in-store along with your copy of Modern Warfare 3!

MW3 12+2 Xbox Live MembershipSupply Crate Avatar Prop

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