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PS Vita PreOrder Pack

We're pleased to announce that we are offering Sony's official pre-order pack as a bonus for all Playstation Vita Pre-orders. You can get yours today by putting a £25 deposit down for a PlayStation Vita in store, or receive yours with your console when you buy your Vita online!

The pack includes limited edition merchandise, exclusive content and discounts for games on the PlayStation Store. The full list is:

- Branded in-ear Playstation design headphones
- £5 Discount on one selected PS Vita games on the Playstation Store (Little Deviants, Super Stardust Delta, Hustle Kings, Escape Plan)
- Exclusive PS Vita items for PlayStation Home (PS Vita T-Shirt, Sunglasses, Headphones, Trainers and Bag)
- Exclusive early access to Frobisher Says!
- An exclusive PS Vita Avatar for PlayStation Network.

To get your hands on a pre-order pack, get down your local Grainger Games today or order yours online now!

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