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Win a £10 Voucher!

Win a £10 Voucher!

We're giving away up to £10 in Grainger Games Vouchers this weekend to one of you who manages to tell us which game covers we've used to spell out Grainger Games below! £5 will go to the person who guesses the most correct (or 1 person picked at random if you get them all), and this will be doubled to £10 if you can tell us what the pattern between the games used is!

To enter, email your answers to competitions@graingergames.co.uk. Good Luck!

Grainger Games Competition

Congratulations to our winner, Graeme Donkin, who managed to get all of the games as well as our bonus question! Your £10 voucher will be emailed to you!

The answers were:
G - Gran Turismo 2
R - Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3
A - Ratchet and Clank
I - Enter the Matrix
N - GTA: San Andreas
G - God of War
E - PES 6
R - Rock Band

G - Race Driver: Grid
A - Batman Arkham Asylum
M - Modnation Racers
E - Child of Eden
S - Soul Calibur V

The link was that each game was released in subsequent years, starting at 2000.

How many did you get right? Let us know!

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