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FIFA 13 Info!

FIFA 13 Info!

EA Sports have released the more info on the upcoming FIFA 13, along with some screenshots. These can all be seen in our gallery below. A bunch of new additions to the FIFA series have been confirmed, including expanding the career mode by including international call ups for players, and the chance to manage your country into an international tournament as a manager!

Another newly announced feature are Skill Games, which help players improve specific areas of their game, such as free kicks, shooting or passing in a training setting. These include three skill levels - bronze, silver and gold, so players can develop their skills and compete against friends in online leaderboards. Check out the new screenshots below!

Why not tell us what you're looking forward to in FIFA 13 below!

FIFA 13 Screenshot 1 FIFA 13 Screenshot 2 FIFA 13 Screenshot 3

FIFA 13 Screenshot 4 FIFA 13 Screenshot 5 FIFA 13 Screenshot 6

FIFA 13 Screenshot 7 FIFA 13 Screenshot 8 FIFA 13 Screenshot 9

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