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PS4 Announced!

PS4 Announced!

Last night Sony finally anounced the upcoming Playstation 4 - described as 'the future of entertainment'. Although images of the console itself weren't shown, Sony announced the first details, which include hugely improved graphics and processing power and a 3D camera called a 'Light Bar' which can be used to track a sensor on the brand new DualShock 4 pad. The online features of the console will tie into social network sites, being described as 'combining Facebook, Twitter and PSN'. This social service is also added to by having always on video recording, meaning you can share your best moments with your friends at the touch of a button

The DualShock 4 pad, which can be seen below, also includes a touch pad, to increase the control options open to gamers and provide innovative new ways to play your favourite titles.



As well as this hardware information, a bunch of new titles were confirmed, including Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFamous: Second Son, Drive Club (which can be seen below), Watch Dogs, Diablo III and the newly announced Destiny! (which can also be seen below)






Whilst this was announced with a Holiday 2013 release date, this hasn't been confirmed whether this is a worldwide launch - keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter to make sure you hear the latest news on the PlayStation 4, including pre-order information!

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