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Nintendo Direct News!

Nintendo Direct News!

Yesterday saw the announcement of various new titles and news relating to Nintendo’s consoles, the 3DS and the Wii U, via a new Nintendo Direct video.

So what have Nintendo got in store for us? Read on to find out more.


First and foremost 3DS owners are in for a few special treats. And they don’t get much better than the announcement of a brand new 3DS Zelda title.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2 will be a sequel to the fan-favourite SNES title Link to the Past. It’ll be set in the same Hyrule that was seen all those years ago but will feature brand new dungeons and a new storyline. The graphically art style has been chosen to reflect the original’s look and feel while the use of 3D gives dungeons a new lease of life, with multiple levels to work through that bring new puzzles to the series.

 Link can also ‘transfer’ onto walls, giving gamers another viewpoint while at the same time adding a curveball to the various tasks and puzzles you’ll need to complete during the game.

It’s currently set to be released this year (Holiday 2013) but we’ll know more about a UK release date at this year’s E3 conference in June. You can see the game in action below:



Next up we have another sequel to a very popular Nintendo series of titles. Yoshi’s Island 3DS is also set to arrive on 3DS (hopefully this year) and will feature a very similar art style to it’s predecessors, with a ‘hand drawn’ colourful appeal. Expect more platforming fun as you control Yoshi and Baby Mario through various levels.

So what else was new? Mario is returning to the 3DS with Mario & Luigi: Dream Team in June along with all his other friends at Christmas time thanks to a new Mario Party title.

The eShop is going to be getting some big titles too, with a new Mario Vs Donkey Kong game (9th May) and the Gameboy Colour Zelda titles The Oracle of Time and The Oracle of Ages (30th May) coming to the 3DS via downloads.


While Nintendo’s announcement video was very focused on their handheld the Wii U did get some time to shine too.

The Wii U Virtual Console is being prepared to launch with a number of games being up for download when it hits the Wii U eShop next week. The update will also include a fix to speed up the console’s loading times. Ice Climbers, Super Mario Bros 2, F Zero, Super Metroid and Super Mario Land are just some of the titles that will be purchasable next week.

 Earthbound, a game that was never originally released in Europe, is also coming to the Virtual Console later in the year. Originally released on the SNES in 1994 fans in Europe have been dreaming of finally getting to play a localized copy of the game for years, and now finally they have their wish!

In one final bit of key news from the conference we have news on the upcoming title Pikmin 3. It now has a release date in Japan, the 14th July, before launching in North America on the 4th August. No word on a UK release date as of yet, but we are taking pre orders in our stores so be sure to reserve your copy in preparation.


To see the whole presentation watch the video below. Keep an eye on your local Grainger Games store and on graingergames.co.uk for further information, pre order announcements and of course great prices on new releases.

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